Remodeling and additions are great way for people to increase the value of their home. People that have been my customers, consistently call for advice about different ideas to add value to their homes. One client recently needed to add living space to their home. They had a saltbox frame home. Instead of enlarging the footprint of their house, we decided to build a second floor bedroom over the family room. This creative solution saved my customer thousands of dollars not to mention the increased value of the property. Another customer needed to find a way to reclaim the living room. Toys and DVD’s were a source of clutter that had to go. We explored a few different scenario’s and decided on a finished basement area. With the products available to keep a dry basement floor and a qualified construction team, we were able to create a family room that met the demands of the whole family.
That is what separates Gelinas Siding and Contracting from my competition. I believe in collectively creating a living space with a value-based strategy in mind before a project is ever started. We have been in business for over thirty years because a satisfied customer is our best asset. We work that out one customer at a time.
We are still the first vinyl siding contractor that many think of and refer to others and now offer the same professional services in other facets of home building and remodeling. We can design and complete a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom.
I have recently passed the exam to become a certified International Code Council residential building inspector. This achievement certifies that I am knowledgeable in the acceptable building codes used by many, if not all, of the town in Southern New Hampshire.

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